AN OLD-FASHIONED KIND OF LOVE: getting ready, pt. 3


AN OLD-FASHIONED KIND OF LOVE: getting ready, pt. 2

Anxious and behind schedule, Sister Shortcake and I returned home. My bridesmaids had already arrived, as per my elaborate timetable, but I was too harried to say more than a brief hello.


 {my best friend from high school - such a beautiful bridesmaid!}

Already other relatives were arriving, and the visual combination of tons of people + my father's lighting equipment + overnight bags from bridesmaids + food + piles of shoes and jackets was making me claustrophobic. People were milling around, chatting. Someone had turned on a baseball game. I was dashing around, calling for my mother, trying to make sense of the increasing madness around me. I'm such a high-strung individual that the visual and auditory clutter was beginning to drive me bonkers. I covered my hands with my ears and tried to think. What was I supposed to be doing? Where was I supposed to be? Where was my copy of the time table?

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I love vintage-style weddings, don't you?

Ooh! You may have seen this wedding before, but just in case you haven't, I just thought I'd alert you to this fabulousness:

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AN OLD-FASHIONED KIND OF LOVE: getting ready, pt 1


{ AN OLD-FASHIONED KIND OF LOVE } the bachelorette

With sushi-filled bellies, my sisters and I waddled our collective way back to the car and headed home from the rehearsal dinner. Toto's "Africa" was playing much too loudly on the stereo, and we were bopping our heads along much, much too vigorously. Ever since I moved across the country that song has become our adopted 'theme song' and any time it comes on (even at work), we've sworn to UP. ;)  Huge dorks, I know!

 Does anybody else have a song like that in their life?

Over the next couple of days, there were SO many loose ends to tie up (with satin pink ribbon, nach). I think I broke down crying at least three times, I was a ball of overwhelmed stress. Luckily I had my family around to remind me that I had a lot to look forward to, even if the current task (hand cutting two hundred multi-layered gift tag/hand-sewing and stuffing thirty felt birds/generally being Martha on overdrive) was clouding my judgement. Thank goodness for family members with cooler-heads than mine!

 My dear mother and aunt definitely were a HUGE help. Besides keeping my mental facilities in working order with their common sense and surplus of crafty-know-how, they worked together on some special touches for my wedding day ensemble.

Together they hand-sewed their mother's lace to my main petticoat, so that lifting my skirts would give a lacey peekaboo:

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