4 weeks: bring it on


{ 4 WEEKS: March 7, 2009 }

ESTIMATED DUE DATE: November 14, 2009


Pregnancy has hit me hard. For over a week, I have been insatiably hungry. Hungry because I want food, and hungry because as soon as I haven't eaten for fifteen minutes, I am as queasy as a person who is really, really queasy. La-ame analogy, but seriously, I feel ridiculous. Everyone at work already knows, as it's hard to explain away just why you've eaten

  1. an apple
  2. a pear
  3. a bowl of Cajun gumbo
  4. a "lumberjack"  12" sub sandwich
  5. a yogurt
  6. hummus with carrots and celery sticks
  7. a bowl of cottage cheese
  8. a bagel with cream cheese

for lunch and are now ripping open a large bag of honey Dijon kettle potato chips, and it's only been half an hour. "I'm just really, really, hungry," only flies for so long! I feel like there's a conveyor belt between my hand and my mouth. As long as something is going in, I feel fine. As soon as I pause, nausea rises up and I find myself retching. I haven't thrown up, but as a person who doesn't throw up, as a rule, and hasn't done so for over five years, I have faith that my "hand-mouth" routine might save me yet. ;)

 Mr. Shortcake, as a masters student in nutritional science, has me on a very healthy diet. Knowing my tendency to start gagging after fifteen minutes of not eating, he has taken to making me enormous lunches for work that easily weigh between five and ten pounds. And I eat them. I find myself really drawn to salty, savoury foods as well. BBQ, mustard, garlic, onions - if it'll make my sweat reek for days, I am as drawn to it as a moth is to a porch light! I live to eat, which is such a departure from my usual M.O. of eating whatever when I remember to do it!

Even with my sumo-eating plan, I haven't gained any weight as of yet. Visibly, my boobs are huge, and I'm about one week away from outgrowing all of my bras, and am two weeks away from developing my own gravitational field and orbiting moons. :P Bump watch 2009 has also begun, with an early appearance of Shortie-and-the-Bloaty bump. It's big enough to be bigger than a PMS bulge for me, but not big enough to count. I spend a lot of time looking in the mirror, trying to suck it in (doesn't work anymore), or push it out (doesn't really work, either), but even at this very early stage, I'm very proud of my (food?) baby bump, and spend a lot of my time rubbing it lovingly. Even if it's just gas, I want it to feel loved, ya know? ;)



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